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The God of Battles

The God of battles shall fight for you and Ye shall hold your peace.

He said, I will send my fear before thee, 

your enemies will turn their backs and will decrease.

When thou hearest the sound in the top of the mulberry trees,

stir up yourselves for battle and you will be pleased.

To know our God will help us in every battle

our enemies will be scattered and caught.

The kingdoms are His and the heavens and the battles for us He bought.

The Lord is a man of war.

The Lord is His name in Exodus 15:3.

Pharaoh's chariots and his chosen captains

were drowned in the Red Sea.

The depths covered them

and they sank to the bottom like  stone.

Father God has battled for us.

He said, I'll never forsake thee,

nor leave thee alone.

Composed and written by Pearl Cartwright


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