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Founding Pastor

Rev. Kenneth Mims

May 2001 - April 2017

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained you a prophet unto the nations.”    Jeremiah 1:5


The fifth of nine children, Ken Mims as a child was labeled both by family and all who knew him as different, unusual, perculiar and certainly not the ordinary. At the tender age of twelve, he ministered his first sermon. It was then he was appropriately labeled as anointed of God.


A hunger and thirst after righteousness became his lifestyle which was manifested through his Word preaching, teaching, and exalting. Out of all of the gifts invested in Pastor Mims, he was most proud of his ability to hear from God.


In May 2001, Pastor Mims was led to formally organize The Redeemer’s House Dallas as an interdenominational ministry resulting from his own experiences to offer healing to those who had been wounded in the church.  The church’s humble beginning rose out of marital counseling sessions which evolved into prayer sessions. Weekly time was dedicated to meet God in prayer for spiritual direction. A request for a little bit of bible study to extend the time of fellowship opened the door for the first Sunday morning service with a grand total of 4 in attendance in the home of Pastor Mims at 620 Scottsboro Drive. The first sermon preached was entitled “A Wilderness Experience.”


After meeting a few months in the home of Pastor Mims, the church moved to 3211 S. Westmoreland in West Dallas. After a fire to the connected building caused smoke damage to the church’s side of the building, The Redeemer’s House Dallas was forced to relocate back to Pastor Mims’ home. Not long afterwards, Pastor Mims was introduced to Mrs. Edna Pemberton of Concord Baptist Church who also managed Red Bird Square Shopping Center. Finding favor with Mrs. Pemberton, The Redeemer’s House Dallas moved to 3107 W Camp Wisdom Road, Suite 950 for less than a year. There the ministry gained momentum and began to grow.

Unfortunately, the fire bug the enemy attached to this ministry struck again and the church was forced to relocate back to Pastor Mims’ home. Pastor Mims vowed whatever happened in the future with a meeting place, the church would not be coming back to his home. By this time the members were so excited about the spiritual leadership they had in Pastor Mims, several members offered their homes as a gathering place for the church. Glory be to God.


Subsequent moves for the church include Cockrell Hill Road, Bohannan Drive (Pleasant Grove), 1020 E Pleasant Run (DeSoto) followed by our move to this current location, 119 Executive Way, Bldg 303, DeSoto, Texas in 2011.


We are so grateful for the evidence of the hand of God’s approval on this ministry which is evident through our doors remaining open for 16 years to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to minister to the needs of our fellowman. For nearly 15 years The Redeemer’s House Dallas has ministered to the staff and residents of Renaissance Retirement Center, 2428 Bahama Drive, Dallas, Texas each first Sunday of the month.


Although our hearts are a little heavy, The Redeemer’s House Dallas has been equipped to continue the work assigned for this ministry. Built as a Word church, Pastor Mims spoke the Word of God over this church both spiritually and prophetically. Prophetically Pastor Mims spoke over this church that out of it will be birthed preachers, teachers, speakers, and other ministries.


The life of the church drastically changed on April 23, 2017. Pastor Mims transitioned from labor to reward. As we honor the memory and ministry of Pastor Mims, we are grateful to God for allowing him to shepherd us these last 16 years. He leaves with us the example of what it means to court the spirit of God and to abandon all sense of ‘I’ve got it together” and approach God with reckless praise and worship. He has modeled for us what it means to worship God in the beauty of His holiness. He has left us an extensive library of preaching and bible study teaching dating back to 2005. But most of all he has left an imprint on our hearts that will never be forgotten nor replaced.

The decision to organize a Pulpit Search Committee and begin the process of conducting a pulpit search was made on May 9, 2017. Minister Henrietta Roby was voted as the Coordinator of the Search Committee.  Several pastors and ministers applied for the open pulpit position and were scheduled to minister before The Redeemer's House Dallas congregation.  On January 21, 2018, the Rev. Dr. Stanley Murchison was selected to be the next pastor of The Redeemer's House Dallas. Pastor Murchison served as pastor for one year. As of February 2019, we have been under the leadership of Minister Henrietta Roby.

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